Getting Started at YBC Short URL

It’s good to see you here. What is YBC Short URL? Here at YBC Short URL you can shorten your links, track your website visitors and earn money on every link you promote. First, how can you navigate YBC Short URL? Check out the short guidelines below.

Edit your Profile

There are two ways to edit your profile. One, click the power button on the upper left-hand corner of your account. You will see an option to edit your profile. Click Profile and you will reach that page. the second way to edit your profile is in your settings. Scroll down the page on the left side bar. Click settings and go to your profile to edit.

Shorten Your URL

There are a few ways you can shorten your URLs. One, by clicking the shorten URL link on the left side bar at the top. Two, go to the home page and shorten your URL. When you do this, you will still be logged in to your account. When you have copied your URL, you can go back to your dashboard. Three, mass shrinking more than one URL at once. The limit to shrinking links is 40 per month.

That’s it for now. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Published on: 5/29/21, 5:52 PM